CroftgateUSA is the #1 car care and wrap care solution in the U.S. They produce the finest waterless products with no detriment to the environment making them both environmentally friendly and superior in the car and wrap care world. Because of this CroftgateUSA wanted a new, exciting and vibrant look. So we were honor to help them to stay on top, but a new design would require careful implementation & strategy, the result was stunning and till this day continue to assistance them. /

Client Comments
"When you are trying to make sure you are in front of the right people and look great, Elegant Graphic Designs is your go to team. They have FAR achieved the results we need to be successful in all of our on line and social media projects. Elegant Graphic Designs has gotten many rave reviews from me and our social media numbers prove it."
Frank Defeo, National Sales Director

What We Work On
Print Design: Datasheets, Display box, Logos, Postcards, Flyers, Catalogs, Banners, Magazine ads, Business cards, Folders, Photo-retouching, Posters, Price list and Labels.
Web Design: Websites, Email newsletters, Social medias, Interactive datasheets and Photo-editing.
Motion Graphics: Video-enhancement, Video-editing, Audio-correcting and music.

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